September 26-30

This Thursday is Hike It! Bike It! Like It! Day at Otsego.  Students who are able are encouraged to walk or bike to school.   Here’s a great site for bicycle safety tips.


This week students will begin their study of graphing and data analysis.  By the end of this unit students will have practice creating bar graphs, pictographs, line graphs, and stem and leaf plots.  Students will be able to read graphs and draw conclusions about data.

To demonstrate proficiency students will need to create original graphs and analyze data on a variety of graphs.

This week students will be reading the story The Astronaut and The Onion. Students will focus on summarizing and understanding character.

The vocabulary words this week are endless, realistic, sensible, protested, paralyzed, and display.

Language Arts
Our focus this week is on descriptive writing.


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