October 17-19

During this short week we will be focusing on problem solving and multiplication in math class.  In reading we will practice making connections to literature.  There is no school on Thursday or Friday.


We are going to start a review of basic multiplication and facts.  Students need to be comfortable with times tables before we can move on to more difficult multiplication problems.

If you need some review, here are several resources:

Test your facts:  http://multiplication.com/quizzes.htm

Practice Facts:  http://multiplication.com/interactive_games.htm

Practice Facts:  http://www.mathplayground.com/multiplication01.html


In reading this week we will continue to read and discuss the book Because of Winn Dixie.  Students will also use picture books to practice making connections to literature.


We will study subject and predicate this week.  The subject is who or what a sentence is about.  The predicate tells what the subject does.

We are going to start using the website Storybird.com to write original stories.  To login, type your first name and OES4 (For example, if you were named Ralph your login would be RalphOES4).  We will spend some time in the computer lab this week and next week learning how to use this site, but if you’d like to get an early start feel free to explore on your own.  It’s a really cool website, have fun!


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