October 25-28

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.  We’ve got a short but busy week.


Students will continue to study multiplication.  Students are expected to know the basic facts with factors 0-9.  Students will also be expected to learn to multiply 2- and 3-digit numbers.  In order for students to be successful in more difficult multiplication they must know the basic facts.

A good way to practice multiplication facts is by playing card games.  Here’s one option:

For other games and activities, check the links page on this site.


In reading class we will complete our study of Because of Winn Dixie.  Students will complete a reflection project about the book.  Students will choose from one of the following:

1.  Write a one page letter to a character from the book.  Ask questions and tell them what you think about his or her adventures. 2.  Write a comic about a key event from the story.  Include words and color pictures.

(Mr. Scott can get you comic book paper, just ask.)

3.  Write a song about the book.
4.  Do an open mind portrait.  Draw your favorite character with cartoon thought bubbles around his or her head to show things the character thinks, likes, and does.  Choose an artistic style that will show off your artistic talent! 5.  Write your own story about the characters from this book.  Your story should be at least one page long and have a beginning, middle and end. 6.  Create an advertisement for Gertrude’s Pets.
7.  Create a travel brochure for Naomi, Florida.  Include information about what one might do and see if he or she were to visit the setting of the story. 8. Create a diorama to show an interesting scene from this book. 9.  Got a great idea for a project?  Come up with your own, just check with Mr. Scott to make sure your idea is ok for this assignment.

This assignment will be due Tuesday, November 1.

We will also be taking the Unit 1 reading exam.  This test covers the topics that have been covered this year already, including vocabulary skills, comprehension strategies, and finding information in a text.

Language Arts

Students will continue to practice writing complete sentences.


Friday is the annual Vocabulary Parade.  Students will wear a costume (nothing scary, please) and carry a label with a vocabulary word.  This idea comes from the Debra Fraiser book Miss Alenius.  More information about Miss Alenius you can visit:  http://www.debrafrasier.com/pages/books/msa.html


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