Students will continue to study geometry.  The focus this week will be on Triangles.  There are three kinds of triangles:  Equilateral, scalene, and isosceles triangles.


This week students will read the nonfiction story Wild Horses. The comprehension skill students will focus on is Cause and Effect.  Students will be able to look at events in a story and determine what caused the event and consider the effect those events have.


The key vocabulary words this week are:

  • descendant
  • sanctuary
  • Threatened
  • Emerge
  • Habitat
  • Fragile


This week we will begin using the Rebecca Sitton spelling series.  This spelling tests in this series are different than typical spellings tests.  Students will study commonly used words and then be asked to use them correctly in writing.  In the past this has been challenging at first but students get the hang of it rather quickly.  This week’s test will not be graded.  We will use it as practice so students can get used to the new spelling test format.  The tests begin with simple words but will become more challenging as we get further into the book.

Words to learn this week:

  • write
  • family
  • there
  • yet
  • draw
  • become
  • grow
  • try
  • really
  • ago
  • almost
  • always
  • course
  • less
  • than
  • words
  • study
  • then
  • learned


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