Happy New Year!

Welcome back!  I hope you all enjoyed the time away from school.  Here’s what’s coming this week:


This week we will start expanding our study of multiplication.  Students will begin by learning how to do multiplication using partial products.  We will eventually learn the standard multiplication algorithm, but it’s important that students learn the mathematics behind that process before they try to learn the shortcuts.  This week we will focus primarily on multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers.


This week students will be reading Dear Mrs. LaRue about a dog who goes away to obedience school.  We’ll be discussing first person narratives and unreliable narrators.  We will also continue to look at letter writing.















Language Arts

We will continue to work on letter writing in class this week.  Students will have the opportunity to write a letter or letters to friends, family, and/or celebrities.  Students will practice writing friendly letters and more formal letters.

If you have any stamps that you’re willing to donate to the class so our letters can be sent I would greatly appreciate it.





Students will also be working on words with the long e spelling pattern.  The spelling exam will contain words there, its, another, because, does, different, often, picture, sentence, it’s, example, really, idea, draw, among, able dog, shown, mean, and English.


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