January 23-26


Students continue to practice multiplication.  We’ll continue to review basic facts to help build fluency.  Students will also continue to practice 2-digit by 1-digit and 2-digit by 2-digit problems.  Students will take a short test on Thursday to assess their knowledge of multiplication.

Students who have mastered multiplication are currently working on the Continental Math League challenge packet.

Reading/Language Arts

Students are reading folktales and adapting the stories into short plays and puppet shows.  This week students are working on the scripts.  Time will be given in class to type the scripts later this week.


Students are working on words with short /e/ vowel sounds and different ways to spell the /j/ sound.  We’ll also review prefixes and suffixes.  Words tested this week are: there, their, first, its, because, always, together, form, animal, several, ground, front, American, mean, certain, fire, ready, green, yes, built.


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