Plum Creek, MCA, Poetry


This week students will continue to work with fractions in math class.  We’ll be placing fractions on a number line as well as adding and subtracting fractional amounts.


We will continue to read On The Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We’ll be playing a Jeopardy! review game, so it’s important that students keep up with the reading assignments.


Students will practice acrostic and clerihew poems with week.

Wondering how to write an acrostic poem?  Here’s a weird tutorial by two cats:

Here’s some information about clerihew poetry:

Spelling words tested this week are:  there, their, because, should, always, important, sure, it’s, example, turned, half, remember, idea, special, complete, oh, person, hot, anything, hold


This week we are going to be taking the first round of MCAs.  Make sure to get plenty of sleep and eat right this week so you can do your best.

Here’s a video with tips for parents and students (this video is from a different state, so their test is called the FCAT instead of the MCA):

Here’s a page with resources for parents about the MCAs.


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