Limericks, the Midwest, and Mixed Numbers


This week students will continue to study fractions and mixed numbers.  We will practice comparing fractions and mixed numbers and locating them on a number line.


Students will continue to read On The Banks of Plum Creek.  We will be finishing the book this week and students will be completing a reflection activity.


Students will finish their clerihew poems and learn about limericks.  Here’s a great site for learning how to write a limerick:


This week we will look at words with long vowels and compound words.

Words tested this week are:

their, first, water, go, great, until, formed, enough, almost, earth, several, answer, usually, later, built, state, list, stood, hundred, ten

Social Studies

Students will be working in small groups to become experts on a social studies topic and create a short presentation to explain it to the rest of the class.  Groups will receive assignments on Tuesday and presentations will start next week.


We will kick offMarch Math Madness this Thursday.  There will be a school-wide contest to see which academy can do the most at-home math practice.

The Math Bowl will happen on Friday.  One students from our class qualified for the contest so we will be there to support him on Friday afternoon.


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