Presentations, Projects, and Tests – Oh, my!


Students will finally conclude their study of fractions this week.  On Monday we will be doing a review of the fractions concepts and on Tuesday students will take the exam on fractions.  The exam will cover representation of fractions, equivalent fractions, numerators, denominators, improper fractions, mixed numbers, and adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators.

After fractions students will study decimals.


Students will be continuing to read Leah’s Pony and studying theme, plot, and character.  Students will take an exam about Leah’s Pony later in the week.

Language Arts

Students will complete their final draft of their limericks.

Students will also complete their folktale plays this week.  Plays will be performed on Tuesday and Thursday.

Social Studies

Students will be sharing their Midwest projects with the class.  They will take an exam about the Midwest at the end of the week based on the information in the text book and the activities completed in class.


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