March 12-16

In math students will start studying decimals.  Students will be learning the following:

  • How to write decimals in terms of thousandths, hundredths, tenths
  • Compare and order decimals
  • Round decimals to the nearest tenth


Students will continue to practice comprehension and active listening skills as we read Zoobreak by Gordon Korman.

Students will also spend time this week completing their study of On The Banks of Plum Creek.   Students will be writing a 5 paragraph book review about the story.  They’ll write one paragraph each day in class, and take it home to finish it if needed.

  1. Summarize the story
  2. Describe the main characters
  3. Express their opinion of the story
  4. Ways the book could have been improved or make a connection to the story
  5. Explain who might like to read this book and why

The final draft will be due next week.

Language Arts

Students will continue their study of poetry this week.  We will focus on rhyme and rhythm in poetry and students will write their own rhyming poem or rap.

Social Studies

We will conclude our study of the Midwest this week.  Group projects will be presented and the class will take a brief exam about the topics covered.


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