Division, Simile, Metaphor


We’re learning long division this week.  Here’s some practice activities for division.  Also make sure you check out the Study Island assignment this week.

Level 1:  Practice

Level 2:  Practice

Level 3:  Practice

Level 4:  Practice

Reading and Language

This week students are focusing on learning similes and metaphors.

Similes are figures of speech than compare things using the words like or as.

Metaphors are used to compare things without using the words like or as.

Students will also be practicing using text clues to gather information.  We’ll be reading several

Field Trip

On April, 20 the fourth grade classes will be visiting the Science Museum of Minnesota.  Please bring $14 to school for the trip by Friday.

We also need six chaperons for this trip (there is no cost for chaperons).  If you’re interested, please sign up.  We will hold a drawing for chaperons if more than six people express interest.


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