Language Arts, Reading


These words will be tested this week:

there, first, its, right, around, between, always, don’t, better, it’s, English, perhaps, ready, complete, hundred, strong, hundred, voice, probably, area, horse

Language Arts

Students will be reading informational texts this week.  Students will practice looking for the main idea and comprehending non-fiction texts.  The book At Home in the Coral Reefis about the different lifeforms that make their homes in coral reefs.

The vocabulary words students will focus on are:

  • reef
  • partnership
  • current
  • eventually
  • brittle
  • suburbs

Students will read a variety of texts about the different animals in the reef and create a piece of art in the style of Steve Jenkins to respond to what they read.

Steve Jenkins is known for creating images of animals with a cut paper technique.  Learn more about his work here:


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