May Day


This week we will finish our division unit.  Students have been practicing facts and long division.  On Friday they will take a test on basic facts, long division with and without remainders.

If you need to practice, check out the different options here.


Students are working in book clubs right now.  Each club has selected a novel and will read it over the next two weeks.  Students will complete a Connections and Reflections reading journal as the work through the book.

We will also be working on spelling patterns and elements of writing.

Students will study plot structure and conflict in stories.

WIN Time

Students will be practicing reading comprehension skills by reading nonfiction texts.  The texts will be about various Native American tribes, which fits with our social studies standards.


The final round of math testing is coming up soon.  This will be the last opportunity for students to show how much they know this year.  If you’d like to prepare yourself for the test take advantage of the lessons and practice activities on Study Island.


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