May 14-18


This week students will be working on complex word problems.  The problems will reinforce a variety of skills and knowledge students have practiced this year.  Students will multiply, divide, add, subtract, utilize knowledge of geometry, and practice finding variables.

Here’s a sample problem:

Tony gave 1/5 of his stickers to Sam and 7/10 to Nancy.  What fraction did Tony have left?


This week students will practice contractions and suffixes.

Words tested:  hold, start, until, box, almost, its, stand, their, every, matter, among, it’s, that’s, because, whole, there, special, probably, others, person


Students will be writing a fictional short story.  They will focus on having a strong beginning, middle, and end.  They will also include sensory details to make their writing more interesting.

Students will also do some reading related to science.


Students will be reading about the water cycle and conducting an experiment to investigate evaporation.


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