9/17 Ali Baba and Estimation


On Monday this week students will take a pre-test for chapter 2 in math.  This chapter is all about estimation.  By the end of this chapter students will be able to estimate sums and quotients and use estimation skills to solve problems.

We went over the chapter one test this morning.  Students have the completed and graded tests in their portfolios.  If you want to see the test, ask your child to bring home the portfolio, but please make sure you send it back to school.  We use the portfolio to keep a detailed record of what is done at school, so please feel free to look through it but don’t remove anything from it.

Students who scored lower than 19/25 (76%) will have the opportunity to retake portions of the exam.


This week students will read a selection called Ali Baba Bernstein about a boy who decides to change his own name from David to Ali Baba after he gets put in a class with several other boys named David.

Students will be studying character traits and story structure.

Vocabulary words this week are:

  • ranged
  • policy
  • several
  • frequently
  • temporary
  • curious

Book Orders

You can order online.  Visit https://orders.scholastic.com/H7D4V

Our class activation code is H7D4V

If you plan to order, please complete the order by the end of the week.


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