Because of Winn Dixie, Factors and Multiples


This week students will finish chapter 2.  By the end of the chapter, they will know how to identify multiples and find common multiples and the least common multiple.

Identifying multiples and finding common multiples becomes much easier when you know the multiplication tables.  Here are a few ways to practice:

Times Tables

Flash Cards

Multiplication Practice


Students will spend the next two weeks reading Kate DiCamillo’s Becasue of Winn Dixie. 

Students will be studying plot, setting, and character.  They will have time to read in school but may have to take the book home to finish reading assignments at home.

Students will also be completing a variety of writing assignments related to the reading.

Some students have already read Because of Winn Dixie.  Those students will be given the option of reading a different book instead.


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