Book Project! Due October 25

This week students are starting book projects for Because of Winn Dixie, Runt, or Where the Red Fern Grow.  Students need to do the written assignment and choose one of the project options.

This project is due October 25.

Book Project Written Portion

Type or write with neat handwriting.

 Please write short answers using complete sentences to provide the following information:

 1.            Title and author

 Just tell the book’s title and who wrote it.

Example:  The title of the book was ­Swindle by Gordon Korman.

2.            Plot summary

Explain what the story was about in 1-3 sentences.  Here’s an example for the story Swindle.

In the book, Griffin and Ben find a valuable baseball card.  They could use the money to help Griffin’s family, but the card is stolen by a man named S. Wendel Palimino.   The boys have to get a group of their friends to try and get the card back.

3.            What’s the best thing about this book?

Give one of two sentences about your favorite part of the story.  Be sure to say why you liked it.  1-3 sentences.

4.            What’s the worst thing about the book?

Was there anything you didn’t like about the book?  Explain why.  What would have made it better?  This should be 1 to 3 sentences.

5.    Would you recommend this book?

Tell why or why not.  Consider who might like to read this book.  1-2 sentences.

Book Project Choices –  Pick One

1.  Write a one page letter to a character from the book you read.  Ask questions and tell them what you think about their adventures.

2.  Write a comic about the characters from this story.  Include words and color pictures.3.  Write a song or poem about your book.

4.  Do an open mind portrait.  Draw your favorite character with cartoon thought bubbles around its head to show things the character thinks, likes, and does.

5.  Write your own story about the characters from this book.  Your story should be at least one page long and have a beginning, middle and end.6.  Rewrite the ending of the story.  What’s another possible way this book could end?7.  Create a travel brochure for the setting of the book.  Include informaiton about what one might do and see if there were to visit the setting of the story.8. Create a diorama to show an interesting scene from this book.

9.  Come up with your own way to prove that you understand your book.

Just check with Mr. Scott to make sure your idea is ok for this assignment.


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