Multiplication, Story Sequence, Complete Sentences


Students will continue to study multiplication and division.  The standards we are working towards are:

  • Demonstrate fluency with multiplication and division facts.
  • Use an understanding of place value to multiply a number by 10, 100 and 1000.
  • Multiply multi-digit numbers, using efficient and generalizable procedures, based on knowledge of place value, including standard algorithms.
  • Estimate products and quotients of multi-digit whole numbers by using rounding and place value.
  • Solve multi-step real-world and mathematical problems using addition, subtraction and multiplication of multi-digit whole numbers.
  • Use strategies and algorithms to divide multidigit whole numbers by one- or two-digit numbers.

If your 4th grader is still struggling with 2-digit multiplication, review with this video:


Students will continue to study story structure and the book Mystic Horse. 

Students will practice writing complete sentences and using details from the text to support their answers.


Students will have their first official spelling exam (they had a practice test last week).  Spelling will focus on the long i sound, the k sound, and high frequency words.

A short word find assignment will be sent mid-week.



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