Happy Holidays

This week we have a few special events, but we’re still going to get as much learning done as possible.

Gingerbread Houses

On Thursday December 20 4th grade will hold its annual Gingerbread House party.  Please bring the following:

  • 1 pack of graham crackers
  • 1 bowl of frosting (*see recipe)
  • One sturdy paper plate or piece of cardboard to use as a base.


1 lb. powdered sugar

3 egg whites

1.4 tsp cream of tartar


Mix at high speed until peaks form.  Keep covered in air tight container.  This frosting is decorative only because of the egg whites.  We use this because it hardens, which makes it great for building.  Regular frosting doesn’t hold together as well.

Students can bring candy to decorate.  We ask that students share with their classmates.


Parents are welcome at this event!  Please come help out!



Students will continue to practice graphing.  Students will learn about bar graphs, picture graphs, tables, and tally charts.  Essential vocabulary words are row, column, graph, and table.  Students will create a variety of graphs and analyze data using graphs.


Students will conclude their study of When I Went to The Library.  On Tuesday we held a trial to determine the guilt of the main character, who was accused of bringing a live snake to the library, which caused the librarian to faint and break out in hives.

Students researched the story and their characters and presented the information in a mock trial.  Students had to make inferences about the story and present it in their testimony.  The student jury then evaluated the claims and made a decision.

It was a lot of fun and hopefully we’ll be able to hold another trial later in the year.


We’ll also be doing some fun fluency activities this week.


There is no spelling this week.  The three tests students have taken so far have been practice grades.  After break I will count spelling exams as achievement grades.





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