Bakken, Thanks, Next Week

Bakken Museum

On March 15 educators from the Bakken Museum will be visiting Otsego Elementary to lead an electricity workshop.

Students will participate in engaging hands-on demonstrations that explain the concept of energy and how energy can be used to generate electricity. We had this presentation last year and the students thought it was excellent. We are very excited to have it again this year!

To cover the cost of this presentation, please bring $3 before Friday.

Thank you!

Thanks to all the parents and families who came to see the student plays this afternoon.

The kids had a lot of fun performing their plays for an audience. I was impressed with their creativity and enthusiasm. I hope you enjoyed seeing their shows, too.

Next Week…

We will continue to work on decimals. Students will compare, identify, and round decimals.

Students will read the story A Cricket in Times Square and practice writing dialog with proper punctuation.


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