May 6-10


This week students will finish the chapter on area and perimeter. They will take the test on Tuesday. Those who need more practice will retest later in the week after some review.

We will also move on to our study of symmetrical figures. Students will identify lines of symmetry in a shape.

Here’s an introductory video:

Here’s a different video:


Students are continuing to study poetry. This week they will write a story using rhyme patterns.

The requirements for the rhyming story are:

  • The final product will be 32 lines long.
  • The poem will have a rhyme scheme (AABB, ABAB, etc.)
  • The story will have a beginning, middle, and end
  • The story will make sense
  • Poem will have correct spelling
  • Poem will be written neatly

Students will have time to work in class this week.

Students will begin new book club assignments this week. Each student selected a book and will read part of it in class and part of it independently. When the clubs meet students will be given short assignments to complete.

These are the books that students were able to select from:



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