Vocabulary Parade, Chapter 2 Math Test, and Becoming a Scientist


This week students will be completing chapter 2, which is all about multiplication and division of whole numbers. They will be taking the test on Wednesday with the option to retest later in the week if students do not pass.

For more practice with multiplication and division, check out these links:

Long Division Practice Problems

Word Problems

Division Facts


In reading this week students will be reading Hidden Worlds about a scientist who uses microscopes to learn new things.

Hidden Worlds

Vocabulary words for this story include the words: specimen, biology, scoured, transferred, observed, dormant, and murky.

We will also practice writing using sequencing words to indicate the order of events. For example, one might begin a sentence with words like then, next, or later to indicate the order in which events occurred.


Using Hidden Worlds as inspiration, students will practice making observations and asking questions. Students will get a chance to collect objects from the schoolyard and observe them using a microscope. Using science observation journals, students will record their observations and develop questions for further study.

Vocabulary Parade

On Friday students will participate in the annual Vocabulary parade. Students may wear costumes or interesting outfits and carry an interesting word that describes their outfit. We will be practicing using dictionaries and thesauruses in preparation for this event. 


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