Fractions, Main Idea and Details, Force and Motion, and Personal Narratives


We’ve just completed chapter 2, which was all about multiplication and division. Students who would like to improve their test scores may complete a test corrections page or retake the test later this week after reviewing the material.

We are moving on to chapter 3 this week. Students will be studying fractions.

Here’s an introductory video about the basics of fractions.

For more information about fractions, check out the Khan Academy fractions page here.


Students will being their investigation of force and motion. We will start by asking questions, then search for ways to answer the questions generated by students. We will complete some experiments in class and discuss what force and motion are and how they are related.


Students will be reading non-fiction this week. They will practice identifying the main idea of a piece of text and details that support that main idea.

Language Arts

Students will be working on writing a narrative. They will choose to write in first, second, or third person. We will be discussing point of view and practicing writing from different points of view. This writing assignment will be completed in and out of class. Students will pre-write, compose first drafts, edit, and publish their work.

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