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24 thoughts on “Email

  1. geanyne says:

    Hey Mr. Scott I am havimg troubles in math math and my mom told me that I did so good in 4th grade math why don’t you email Mr. Scott. If you have the time I will like some help from my favorite 4th grade teacher. I hope you can email me back.

    Geanyne Steinke
    P.S. You are my favorite teacher 🙂

  2. Paula Howell says:

    Wow! This Harvard/Columbia study shows the value of a good 4th grade teacher… Thought of you (w/gratitude)

    Paula Howell

  3. kasey says:

    hey mr.scott my cousin can be a shaparone for the scince museum. Does she have to pay the $14.00

  4. trey trochlil says:


  5. trey trochlil says:

    sorry i spelt hey wrong

  6. Kasey says:

    Hey Mr.Scott when is open house for 5th grade

  7. Katelyn McIntyre says:

    Hi Mr. Scott it is Katelyn McIntyre from 4th grade 2 years ago

  8. bryndie says:

    hi mr.scott! How is MN?

    • mrjakescott says:

      It’s cold. We miss you! I hope your move went well and you like your new school.

      • Bryndie says:

        it is fine.I get a lot of homework. we are learning about famous people from Alabama through a project. Did you know Helene Keller is from AL?

      • mrjakescott says:

        I didn’t know Helen Keller was from Alabama. It sounds like you’re enjoying your new school. Thanks for writing. It’s great to hear from you. Your classmates really liked seeing your message.

  9. bryndie says:

    also did you jen in Among the Hidden dies? Today 4-8-13 in AL it ways 88 degrees?Next year i am coming out for my birthday. I just order 2 kinds of putty Ion, and twilight.I fond cocaroach in my room last saturday. It was about 5 inc long.Preston is now 1 years old!!!!!!! ! Preston can walk now to!!!

  10. bryndie says:

    Hi it is bryndie.

  11. bryndie says:

    i am doing grate! in school we have done projects like blood soup and cells. i am coming to Otsego this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. bryndie says:

    Me and Baylie were looking though her parker year book and in the teachers we saw you.

  13. Emily says:

    Hi mr.Scott

  14. HALEY says:

    Hi mr.Scott

  15. Robert says:

    Hi mr. scott

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