Trapezoids, Author Visit, Similie & Metaphor


This week students are working on finding the area of trapezoids. To find the area of a trapezoid use this formula:

(legnth of base 1 + legnth of base 2) x height and divide by 2.

Practice by logging in to IXL.


Author Stephanie Watson

We will also be visited by local author Stephanie Watson, author of Elvis and Olive and The Wee Hours. Stephanie will discuss the writing process with students and discuss her new book, Pencilvania.

Learn more about Stephanie by visiting her website:

Language Arts

Students will also be studying simile and metaphor.

This week students will continue to revise their personal narratives.


Finding the Area of a Triangle

Students are studying triangles and using the formula 1/2 b x h to find the area of triangles.

Practice working with triangles using the links below.

Study with IXL:

Practice with Study Island

Practice with Khan Academy:




Math Practice

Don’t forget to use IXL to study math at home. Here are a couple activities that will help you with chapter 6.

Hard work pays off.

Homework Help

Homework help is available for those who need some extra help to understand the math skills and concepts being covering in class.

Homework Help meets Mondays and Wednesdays immediately after school from 3:45 until 4:15.

Students need to be picked up at 4:20.

Students can come as needed. Please send a note or email on days that your child plans to stay so I know they have a way to get home.

Algebra, Quotation Marks, Preparing for Break


This week students are working on algebra. They will practice using variables and writing algebraic expressions and simplifying algebraic expressions.

You can practice algebra at If you have any trouble logging in, try using your lunch number as your password.

Practice with IXL

Students also have a Study Island assignment to complete by Friday.

Students are expected to practice using these online resources. If you have time for Minecraft, you have time for IXL and Study Island.

Reading/Language Arts

Students are working on adding dialog to their writing using standard writing conventions.

Vocab for the week:

Over break, remember to read independently and practice math online.

Happy Holidays!

Computer Science


Interested in computers? Check out this computer coding activity!

Adding and Subtracting Decimals, Writing Dialog, Reading Fluency


This week students will practice adding and subtracting decimals.

Students will also have a chance to make test corrections for the test about fractions and decimals.

Remember to study at home by visiting and


Students will continue to study simple machines.

Reading/ Language Arts

This week we are studying dialog and plays. Students will practice writing dialog using quotation marks.


Fractions, Paragraphs, Fact and Opinion


Students will complete their study of fractions and mixed numbers this week.

For extra practice, students can visit and practice the fraction concepts.

If you would need more practice before the test and cannot access Study Island, please let me know and I can print some extra practice sheets for at home review.


Students will be learning to differentiate fact from opinion.

Language Arts

We are in the midst of a narrative writing project, but this week we are going to take a step back and focus on basics. Students will practice writing basic paragraphs with correct grammar, complete sentences, and a logical sequence of ideas.

Conferernces, Fractions, Narratives, Author’s Purpose

Please sign up for a conference if you have not done so. Visit our online scheduling site here:


Students are working on adding and subtracting fractions. They will also practice writing fractions as mixed numbers and decimals.


Students will read nonfiction texts and determine the author’s purpose.

The vocabulary words for the week can be seen here:

Language Arts

Students are working on a piece of narrative writing. They will complete some prewriting activities, write drafts, edit, revise, and produce a finished work.

The rubric for the assignment is here:

Story Writing _ Personal Narrative

Fractions, Main Idea and Details, Force and Motion, and Personal Narratives


We’ve just completed chapter 2, which was all about multiplication and division. Students who would like to improve their test scores may complete a test corrections page or retake the test later this week after reviewing the material.

We are moving on to chapter 3 this week. Students will be studying fractions.

Here’s an introductory video about the basics of fractions.

For more information about fractions, check out the Khan Academy fractions page here.


Students will being their investigation of force and motion. We will start by asking questions, then search for ways to answer the questions generated by students. We will complete some experiments in class and discuss what force and motion are and how they are related.


Students will be reading non-fiction this week. They will practice identifying the main idea of a piece of text and details that support that main idea.

Language Arts

Students will be working on writing a narrative. They will choose to write in first, second, or third person. We will be discussing point of view and practicing writing from different points of view. This writing assignment will be completed in and out of class. Students will pre-write, compose first drafts, edit, and publish their work.

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